Why Are We Subsidizing Profits of Wealthy?

Why Are We Subsidizing Profits of Wealthy?

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Walmart pays its workers so little that many of them are forced to seek government assistance, which means taxpayers subsidize the earnings of America’s richest family to the tune of $7.8 billion a year, an EPI study reveals.

2016-05-23 21:38:55

Just spitballing here ... Because they bought the government?

2016-05-24 15:23:04

Yes, exactly.Why R U? U have 1 option. U can withdraw Ur nat'l's endorsement of the #KochBros' #HillBill2, #TheHillBillSkeltering.

2016-05-30 18:16:44

When you endorsed Hillary, you were endorsing subsidies for the rich at taxpayer and worker expense. You *knew* that.

2016-06-15 03:49:10

Because we have not straighten our back enough to get the rich to stop riding on us.

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